AltewaiSaome was founded by Natalia Altewai and Randa Saome in Malmö, Sweden, in 2009. This luxe and chic brand combines clean lines and monochrome colours with unique details in a stylistic and international character. AltewaiSaome’s simple design, strong silhouettes and intricate embroideries have turned many heads in the fashion industry. Also, with quiet cut outs and accentuated waist lines, they’ve built a brand that has emerged as one of the most talked about fashion designers on the Scandinavian fashion scene. From stunningly effortless pencil skirts to gorgeously fitting dresses and more, it won’t take long until you are falling in love with AltewaiSaome.

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  • £290.00 £245.00

    Altewai Saome

    Eve Long Pencil Skirt

  • £310.00 £165.00

    Altewai Saome

    Alina Blouse

  • £415.00 £325.00

    Altewai Saome

    Vera Dress

  • £480.00 £290.00

    Altewai Saome

    Kay Dress

  • £240.00 £125.00

    Altewai Saome

    Ethel Long Sleeve Blouse

  • £260.00 £185.00

    Altewai Saome

    Penny Black Cropped Trousers

  • £375.00 £260.00

    Altewai Saome

    Bea Black Jumpsuit